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We deliver high quality syrups, suspensions, and drops.

Currently, the most interesting for many markets is the SuperCal+ D3 in the form of a suspension for the children ready for administration.

Nice taste of raspberry or strawberry, available in bottles 100, 120, 150 and 200 ml.

Syrup SuperCal+Vit D3 contains a special formula combining calcium with vitamin D3, acts:
• anti-allergic,
• anti-inflammatory,
• anti-exudative.

Addition D3 enhances calcium absorption and contributes to better bone growth. This is particularly important under intensive development in children and during the pregnancy.

The use of the supplement: Allergies and inflammation, growth and development, pregnancy. Read leaflet.

SuperCal Vit D3_raspberry suspentionSuperCal Vit D3_strawberry suspention