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SugarBalanceCoated and un-coated high quality tablets in blisters or jars.

Several ready formulations with top selling products like SugarBalance or PregnaBalance.

SugarBalanceIdea + complex is the ideal solution for the control of blood glucose levels using the unique complex of CMAC +. This is the solution for people who care about correct diet and supplementation for people with elevated blood sugar levels.

CMAC + complex include components that affect the absorption of glucose and its accelerated metabolism.

Reduction of carbohydrates absorption helps also proper weight and supports weight loss.

CMAC+ complex has been devloped based on extensive laboratory testing and clinical research literature combines the following components: Chrome, Mulberry, Alpha lipoic acid, Cinnamonum in proper proportions to maintain best SugarBalance with natural supplementation.

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One of the most interesting products is a unique combination of ingredients for pregnant women.

PregnaBalance Idea+ is a modern supplement, which contains recommended by International Gynecological Society doses of minerals and vitamins for proper development of the child.

It also cares of pregnant welfare: with better digestion, good-looking skin and less fatigue.

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