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WELTPHARMA – highest quality healthcare products by Idee PharmaWelt GmbH

WELTPHARMA – highest quality healthcare products by Idee PharmaWelt GmbH

We, Idee PharmaWelt GmbH are company delivering modern healthcare products in different forms to many markets.

Our umbrella brand WELTPHARMA is guarantee of the highest quality for patients worldwide.

Uniqueness of our innovative solutions are based on the great experience of our team. One good example are effervescent tablets of Vitamin C 1000 mg. We deliver it in convenient small packs of 10 tablets in wide variety of fresh and interesting for many markets flavors: raspberry, apricot, pomegranate, gooseberry and standard ones as orange or lemon.


Biotix-250S_EN_visualExperienced research and development team with ensure the highest quality of our products, like tasty sirups/suspension and drops line with best example: D-Calcium pleasant raspberry suspension or ACD drops for kids.

We also deliver tablets, lozenges and capsules like for example our latest product: BiotixS250 yeast culture Saccharomyces boulardii or well known Lactoferrin, Zinc and Vitamin C throat lozenges Idea+Labex.

From our headquarters in Berlin, Germany we provide products with unique quality of the raw material used and the products made for special dietary and therapeutic indications under the brand WELTPHARMA. We meet the requirements of the EU, FDI, ЕАЭС / EAEU.

Our superior value is to deliver best quality healthcare products worldwide.

We offer products in the following forms: effervescent tablets and powders in sachets, soft-gelatin capsules, hard gelatin capsules, coated tablets, lozenges, syrups, sprays.

We are looking for partners developing WELTPHARMA branded products around the world, if you are interested please contact: export@weltpharma.com.

Please notice, we develop and deliver products only for export markets, directly to distributors and do not deliver products to final customers.