Idee PharmaWelt GmbH provides highest quality health products, under WELTPHARMA brand, to clients around the world.

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We have vast knowledge in the field of dietary supplements and medical cosmetics. We use the best raw materials and implement production on EU certified production lines. The compositions of our products are based on current medical research. You can access more information about each product by clicking on a site of a product.

Our marketing experience and an excellent team of designers result in unique packaging designs appreciated by patients around the world. Our products are delivered to our customers under controlled conditions – we are making sure the transport is intact when delivered to you. But that’s not all.

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WELTPHARMA – Best Quality for Your Health.


Commonly popularized diets including processed foods and a fast lifestyle often lack basic nutrients and minerals which are necessary for healthy functioning of the body. A solution for your body to receive the necessary ingredients is improving to a whole-foods based diet together with using quality diet supplements in appropriate doses.

This is a way of allowing your body to properly develop, function and protect itself (by naturally boosting the immune system) from common chronic diseases such as heart and circulatory system disorders, bones, thyroid, neurosis and even cancer.

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